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  • A Professional Formally Educated in Accounting, Buisness and Marketing.
  • A Professional Who Has Made Full Marketing Plans
  • An Experienced Web Designer and WordPress Specialist
  • An SEO That Specialists in Local Business Search Engine Optimization
  • Someone Willing to Go To War With Your Competition

Products and Services

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Design
  • WordPress Setup
  • Online Marketing

Local Business SEO

Platinum Rankings wants to help your local Business incorporate an online marketing plan with their overall business strategy. In today’s  current marketplace an online marketing strategy should be incorporated into your overall marketing plan. If you already have a great business, with a good reputation then the right website and SEO will help you gain more customers. People use Google like the Yellow Pages so it is the way for your local business to be found. I like doing local SEO and web design with clients that benefit from it the most. That is why I wrote a detailed explanation and offer you affordable prices as a packaged deal that you can read about on our Local Business Package Page.

Rank and Rent

This is a product that many people don’t know about. One of the things that SEO’s can agree on is that aged domains, domains that have authority or exact match keyword domains are better than starting with a completely new domain. I have pages that are already built that you can rent for your existing website. The benefit to renting is low risk for your business because you can stop renting at any time. It is also a faster way to get organic rankings which most people visit instead of pay per click.

YouTube Rankings

Video Rankings are something that you probably don’t think about. Videos are an attention grabber and a great way to communicate with your target customers especially if you are attempting to sell products over $100. The problem I see is that a business will spend money on making high-quality videos that don’t get views. From my experience, Google loves Vimeo and YouTube videos and places them into the organic rankings. Do a search for “St George SEO” and you will find my business video ranked in the SERP’s. This is a simple method to get more exposure and diversify terms that your business ranks for.


Our goal is to do these projects for you at an affordable price and to be honest with you about the cost to benefit of ranking within certain searches. Our pricing model is competitive and depends on the composition analysis of your keywords. I would be happy to do give you a quote and talk with you about what your online marketing needs are.

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