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I was trying to help a local business move from page ten to one and was told:

Local SEO! Nah! I don’t need that it dosn’t work in my particular buisness.

This is a real comment I received from a man who was a business owner. I couldn’t believe this was actually an answer I got from someone that was a business owner on page 10 of google. Some people still don’t see the benefit in being on the top position in google for local searches.

Google is the Modern Day Yellow Pages

How did you find a business to call the last time you looked online? People search for a business using google on their cell phones, so the higher your local business is on google the more people you will get calling your business. Organic rankings will get your business more phone calls than any other form of online advertising. A first place ranking on google could get you up to 40% of the phone calls for the search traffic.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in. People will think you are strange if your local business isn’t ranked in google and can’t be found. The Yellow Pages Yellow Pages is outdated and search engine optimisation is how your business will get the sales leads for survival.

What About Online Ratings and Reviews?

If you own a business or work in a business, you understand online reputation will be taken seriously if it represents your business only in a negative way. You might think it is out of your control but an online presence can be managed. If you happen to be at a hotel and there is a complaint online about bedbugs, your staff will get asked about it 1000 times about the review even if it isn’t true.

This is the current businesses environment and there are important steps that an SEO and online marketing professional needs to do in order to control your reputation. You can control the way people perceive your business by using SEO and with the help of your loyal customers. This is a technique not too often business utilise.

How Can a Local Buisness Manage Their Reputation?

With the use of SEO techniques, you can do things such as get your youtube videos ranked in the search engines for your business name. You want to leave a good first impression. Another thing that SEO can do is show off your good ratings. Do you have a 5-star review? That is what you want people to see.

At Platinum Ranking, We Want to help Your Buisness

We want your business to succeed and are willing to go the extra mile to get your local business ranked. There is much more to helping a local business than just getting them to the top of google.

We want to help you dominate google and give you an online competitive advantage.