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How Did You Find Us?

Getting your videos ranked probably didn’t cross your mind as a way to do Search Engine marketing. Most people are aware of ranking a web site but most people don’t know about ranking a videos. This was a video that I got on for the purpose of getting traffic to my site.

The benefits to Video Rankings

1) I can get a video ranked fast.

2) They catch peoples attention.

3) They are on an Authority domain.

The Results of Video Rankings

Why Should you get your local business videos ranked?

As a local business ranking your Youtube videos are important to your overall strategy for marketing. There are too many times that I see a business making professional Youtube videos to promote their business and they don’t get any views or utilize them properly. One of the things I do for my clients gets their youtube videos to the top of the search engines.

I think it is important to dominate the SERP’s (Search engine rankings) so your local business can be found. By this I mean you should have more than one position on google for your local keywords. This is a great strategy to have a greater probability for someone to call your business by having your number listed more than once.

With a combination of SEO and some changes to the video title, I can make your Youtube videos an asset to your local business. The SEO I do can get your video’s to rank for local searches. As an example, if your business is cat training and you wanted your video to be on the first page of google I could get it there using SEO. I have literally got videos to rank in the search engines in less than 2 weeks.

One of the things that help to get locals to call your business is to add your phone number in the title of the video. Often times people use google like the yellow pages and simply call the first number they spot on There you have it. A great way to promote your cat training business or anything else you might want me to promote. If you have youtube videos that aren’t getting any rankings I will do a competition analysis for you to see if I can get your video to the top of Google.