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Does Your Business need WordPress Site or Custom Website?

This is a common question that many people have. They wonder what are the pros and cons to these two web design options? A custom website is codded and designed from scratch. This means that the programmer will write all the code or find code to add to your website. On the other hand, a WordPress site runs on the WordPress platform. All the design is done within the back end of this site within software. A WordPress site is great for a business who wants to manage and control their own content.

A Sample of Our Web Design Portfolio

Custom WebDesign

We Write the Code For You

With a custom coded site, you will have a unique website to your business. A custom coded site works great for small business or a large scale business that needs custom backend programming.

Small Business Web Design

If you own a small business and would like a clean looking site, then you might be interested in this option. The custom webdesign we do is in HTML, CSS, and PHP depending on the project. Custom webdesign comes with many pros and cons. We will explain if this is a good option for your business.

The Good

We do webdesign for sites to look good, but the user experience is more important. What this means is every line of code that goes into a site will have a purpose. This makes the site very user friendly and loads quickly.  We have built custom websites, and they will do better on googles speed test than a WordPress site.

A custom website is one of a kind. With a coded website everything can be customized for you. There aren’t too many limitations with a custom site. We can do a layout that is custom to your business.

The Bad

These sites take many man hours so they cost more money. A WordPress webdesign project can be finished in a week, but a custom site will take months. Since there is more labor involved, one of these sites will cost you more money.


We design your site so you can manage it.

We like setting up WordPress websites for our clients. These take less time so we can set them up efficiently and they cost less money. The reason why we choose WordPress is that it is easy to teach clients how to manage their content.

WordPress Layout

These sites can be customized and take some web design skills to get started. There are two options you have with a WordPress site. You can purchase a pro theme or customize them through coding. We will do code a regular theme or set up your pro theme.

Responsive Webdesign

Another benefit to most WordPress themes is that it is responsive. This means your site will be mobile and tablet ready from day one. Having a responsive theme increases usability.

WordPress Plugins

Another web design factor that goes into WordPress is working with specific plugins. At the top of this page, we have a slider known as rev slider. This has so many options it is more efficient for us to set the slider up for you.

SEO Ready

The best part of WordPress is that the theme is SEO ready. We add plugins to help with managing your SEO such as Yost. WordPress sites run on a programming language that is called PHP. This is an efficient language and helps with site speed.

Large Business Webdesign

Some large-scale business needs completely custom websites. These are normally built to assist you with automating tasks that WordPress can’t do. We are front-end designers and understand coding well; however, this is a small operation and we couldn’t handle a large-scale project of this size. If you call us about one of these projects, we will help you find a qualified design team.